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You had everything organised wonderfully

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Hi Peter


We are back from our autumn sojourn in Japan and all enjoyed it thoroughly.  We managed to successfully negotiate all our trains and were on time for all our tours.


Your train information really helped and with our research also we think we pretty well nailed it.  Occasionally we would turn the wrong direction but always knew to go through the JR gates and the attendants were very helpful when asked about what platform.


We felt really proud of ourselves negotiating Shinjuku train station, now knowing it is the busiest train station in the world by passenger numbers.


Takayama was a lovely stay although there was a mix up in accommodation types as they had us in normal rooms.  Having said that the manager worked really hard to accommodate us correctly (being it was a really busy weekend and they were full).  We did get our originally booked room but had to change rooms one night, still to the same type of room but just changing rooms.  We loved the Green Hotel in Takayama.

We used the luggage moving service a couple of times.  Very efficient and made life easier on the trains.  We would certainly use that service again.  


Thank you for everything you did for us.  You had everything organised wonderfully and it fit in with our other bookings and plans so well.


We would not hesitate to use you again for any future bookings (we do plan to go back again sometime and explore other areas).


We love Japan and holidays are always more enjoyable when things go to plan.


From all of us

Sayonara and Arigatou

Memories that will last a lifetime

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

Hi Chey,

I just returned from my AMAZING trip to Japan. We had a fantastic time and thanks to you it all went extremely smoothly. We loved every tour and all of our accommodation.

Thank you so much for helping us have a holiday with memories that will last a lifetime xx


Kind regards,