A Kyoto to Kansai Airport transferwill make sure you catch your flight on time. Fast, safe and cost-effective – this is a service you can rely on.

For all visitors to Japan it’s important to make sure you arrive at the airport so that you can check-in for your flight. A Kyoto to Kansai Airport limousine bus is a wonderful way to ensure you get to the airport with time to spare. Fast, convenient and well-priced you can sit back and relax as the bus takes you there. Get a last look at Kyoto as you leave and enjoy this clean and friendly service. You can find timetables and route stops at

You require a physical pre-paid coupon from JTB Australia in your final documentation. You will need to select delivery option prior to your departure from Australia. You can also purchase tickets from Sydney or Melbourne office.

Bus coupons are non refundable.