What our customers have said:

It was a great experience



The trip went really well. 

The accommodation at both Zao and Okushiga was outstanding. 

Just for future reference it was a bit of a walk to the equipment hire place from our accommodation but it would be very well suited from the first place we were considering. 

All in all it was a great experience.

February 2020

“Well Beyond My Expectations”

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your efficient service – I received the vouchers today which was well beyond my expectations.

Thank you again.


January 2020

Our Terrific Snow Holiday

Happy New Year Amelia. Trust you had a good break too.


We are all back and most of us at work after our terrific snow holiday. We all had a lovely time at Madarao. The snow could have been slightly better but I think that was the case in most of the resorts this year in Japan. Some of the runs were starting to thin out by mid week but luckily for us we got a light dusting of about 10cm on the last day of skiing/snowboarding.


We all wanted to thank you for helping us coordinate and organise our snow trip to Japan. It went very well and smooth. Some feedback for you 


1. The hotel had very limited eating options. if you are recommending this hotel to other clients I would definitely include dinner vouchers. 

2. Getting to other restaurants in Madarao from our hotel was difficult especially at night. During the day we could ski over and could have access to more cafes but at night we had to rely on private buses

3. The slopes and mountains were great. Bigger than Tomamu and good for all our group standards

4. We all liked the in hotel Onsen too. Our rooms in the towers at Tomamu had their own sauna and spa in each room (we will never forget that experience). 

5. i personally think the rooms were a little dated but that is comparing to Tomamu which we just love.

6. We all have to say the service with our check in, lift tickets, snow hire was in usual Japanese efficiency. We arrived at night and all our hire equipment was already in allocated lockers ready for us. That was incredible service.

7. The commute from Narita International airport was a long trip by bus. I think next time we would take the bullet train but understand it was difficult with 20 people plus luggage. 



Peter & Elita

January 2020

You had everything organised wonderfully

Hi Peter


We are back from our autumn sojourn in Japan and all enjoyed it thoroughly.  We managed to successfully negotiate all our trains and were on time for all our tours.


Your train information really helped and with our research also we think we pretty well nailed it.  Occasionally we would turn the wrong direction but always knew to go through the JR gates and the attendants were very helpful when asked about what platform.


We felt really proud of ourselves negotiating Shinjuku train station, now knowing it is the busiest train station in the world by passenger numbers.


Takayama was a lovely stay although there was a mix up in accommodation types as they had us in normal rooms.  Having said that the manager worked really hard to accommodate us correctly (being it was a really busy weekend and they were full).  We did get our originally booked room but had to change rooms one night, still to the same type of room but just changing rooms.  We loved the Green Hotel in Takayama.

We used the luggage moving service a couple of times.  Very efficient and made life easier on the trains.  We would certainly use that service again.  


Thank you for everything you did for us.  You had everything organised wonderfully and it fit in with our other bookings and plans so well.


We would not hesitate to use you again for any future bookings (we do plan to go back again sometime and explore other areas).


We love Japan and holidays are always more enjoyable when things go to plan.


From all of us

Sayonara and Arigatou

December 2019

Memories that will last a lifetime

Hi Chey,

I just returned from my AMAZING trip to Japan. We had a fantastic time and thanks to you it all went extremely smoothly. We loved every tour and all of our accommodation.

Thank you so much for helping us have a holiday with memories that will last a lifetime xx


Kind regards,


December 2019

Accommodation was perfect!

It was fantastic we had a great time away.


Accommodation was perfect location and comfortable.


Keio Plaza was perfect, really spacious rooms and plenty of food options.  Especially because they had the Disney Shuttle from the hotel too.


The notes on the docs were a life saver because Japan rail stations have so many exits so it was so good to have the info on where to exit and how to get to places.


Hiroshima Day tour was fantastic and really well set up.


Robot restaurant was incredible!


Thanks again for all your help!

November 2019 ,

It really helped to maximise my time

 *The comment below is from a customer who booked tour through agent


Overall it was amazing, and I’m so glad I sought the advice of professionals. It really helped to maximise my time. Please pass on my thanks to Clement.


Kamicochi was an amazing place to visit, very unique. Beautiful Japanese style rooms and onsen. It even snowed.

Matsumoto was a tiny room (I couldn’t fully open my suitcase!!) but perfect in terms of location.

The Kurube Alepen Route as a big day, but I left the hotel by 8am. This made it much more relaxed. I even spent a good two hours walking on snow-covered tracks at the highest point “Murodo” which was truly amazing. I didn’t get to my accommodation till about 8pm, but it was worth it. The only thing was that the baggage porter service shut a week earlier, so I had to lug my suitcase up and down some VERY steep steps (there was no lift options). I managed ok, but wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that might struggle a bit physically.

The Takeyama hotel was very modern and nice. The bus service was reliable, and they even have cheap e-bike hire. Not that it bothered me, but this was easily the most touristy spot on the trip.

The Hakone Hotel was very beautiful, but a bit out of the way, and I felted a bit rushed with the travel times either side.

The Shibuya Hotel was also perfect. The room was soundproofed, so no problem getting a good nights sleep. It was in a perfect location for anyone wanting to be in the heart of Tokyo.

The bar-hopping tour was a lot of fun. All the patrons were genuinely interested in food and culture insights. The guide Kyu, was really good.

November 2019

Fell in love with Japan

Hi Rie,

Thank you for helping so much with our honeymoon holiday. 
Trip went very well and fell in love with Japan (food, people and culture)
Everything was great. 
Min 4 days. Shinjuku area is excellent 
Tokyo tower at night was magnificent 
My Fuji- clear day on top. Very fortunate
Best 5 days on trip with so much to do
Hotel had a magnificent indoor pool
Arashiyama was magnificent 
Nara trip was amazing
Gilza really appreciated the peace memorial and museum
Great hotel
Fukuoka – maybe 1 day there is enough
Outlet shopping was great
Beach front was magnificent 
Osaka – need more days here as it’s huge
Onsen hotel was unique and enjoyable
Food is amazing
Would not change much and weather for this time of year was perfect. 
We will go back I’m sure one day. 
Best Regards
Leo & Gilza

November 2019

We had a wonderful time

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising our holiday in Japan.
We had a wonderful time – the hotels you booked were fantastic.
We managed the trains (with the massive assistance of our daughter!).
Loved the beautiful people and the food. Favourite places Kyoto and Hiroshima and Hakone. We climbed Mt Misen too which was pretty hard!
Will definitely recommend your services and contact you for our return trip one day!!
Cheers, Emma

The organisation by JTB was first class!

We are back from Japan and grateful that we bailed out of staying in Hong Kong!


Everything went exceptionally well. We had great weather, 18 to 21 degrees every day; only one day with a couple of showers but we were checking out the department stores that morning.


All the hotels were excellent and situated very well for getting around. The hotel in Kyoto ran a shuttle bus service every 15 minutes to and from the station. (I think many hotels operated a shuttle service.)

Since we were there 7 nights we became very proficient at using various modes of public transport. We had bought Pasmo cards in Tokyo which allowed us to use trains, subway and buses with ease. So easy with

written signs on the vehicle and spoken announcements in Japanese and in English. (Pasmo does the same thing as a Sueca card – like Myki only much better!) We also used the trains in Tokyo and found it easy to

get around.


The organisation by JTB (Sunrise Tours) was first class. We were met at the airport as promised and directed to a car which took us to the hotel. At every point of changing towns were taken to the station and

accompanied to the right platform. On the first day we were given a page detailing what time we would be picked up from our hotel on every day on which we were doing a tour. On about two days we had our guide

all to ourselves; another day we had one other couple join us. In Takayama we were fortunate to stay in a traditional Ryokan and have dinner included which was served in our room. (I think the original hotel had been

changed.) The list of pickup times we were given on day 1 even outlined approximately what time we would be picked up on day 13 (after we had 5 days to ourselves to explore); the exact pickup time was notified to

the hotel before 6pm the night before.


Thank you for all the work you put in and the hotels you selected. Back to the real world now. (I think we had much better weather than you did here in Melbourne!)


Kind regards,


Sue and Rick

November 2019

Had a great time time together in Japan

Hi Rie,
Thank you for your email.
Karen and I had a great time time together in Japan and the bookings and accommodation you arranged proved excellent choices. Whilst the primary purpose  of the visit was to take part in the recent RWC (which Japan did an excellent job in hosting) we also enjoyed venturing outside of Tokyo; including Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka and different parts of Hokkaido; where the Autumn colours were a site to behold.
Obviously will be a very busy time in Japan next year with hosting the next Olympics. 
Not sure when we are next likely to be back in Japan. Our next venture into the  region is likely to be to Korea. 
Again, thank you for your thoughtful follow up and certainly we will have JTB in mind on our future visits.
Kind regards

November 2019

I had a great time thanks

Hi Rie,

I had a great time thanks. In the end I stayed in the Yokohama/Tokyo area as the day I planned to go to the foot of Mt Fuji it was wet with a lot of low cloud, however I got a perfect view of Mt Fuji as we took off from Haneda airport on my flight home.

All the tickets you got for me were in excellent positions and the instructions for getting to/from the grounds worked well. One interesting thing I found out was in much of the subway there were plenty of escalators going up but few or none including lifts going down which made it very difficult when I had my cases with me. I therefore changed plans for getting to Haneda airport on Sunday and took a short taxi trip to the Express bus way terminal next to the Shinjuku Railway station and took the bus to the airport. Very quick and comfortable and saved all the up and down stairways. 

The Japanese did a magnificent job hosting the RWC. It was also nice to make a visit where I could experience some of the culture and meet many of the “locals” unlike on my previous visits made for business purposes where that opportunity did not arise. I have no doubt I will at some stage make a return trip and will contact you at that time.




November 2019

We had a ball!

Hi Amelia,


We had a ball! 

All three tours were great, and the guides spoke good English, and made for enjoyable days.

Hiroshima and Kyoto were fantastic – Mike (guide in Kyoto) was an absolute blast!



October 2019

We really had a good time

Hi Amelia,


We really had a good time and enjoy the trip very much. All hotels are in good locations. 

Lunch in tours also very nice. 


Thank you very much for your help to organized our tour. 




I would consider JTB again for the prompt and efficient service

Hi Rie,

Thanks for your email. Yes, I had a great time in Japan. It was very easy to get around. I only got lost once for about 15 minutes which was quickly resolved by refreshing Google Maps and instructions from friendly locals. The SUICA card was very handy . I used it every day except when there was a day tour on. The recharge kiosks were straightforward to use. I still have around 1100 yen left in the card. Can I use this balance on future trips to Japan or will the card become deactivated after a period of time?
My favourite part of the trip was going to places that I didn’t think I would be able to go to by myself. My tip for other clients is to not plan too much as the transport system is very good and there are plenty of things to do and see that are accessible by train and subway.  I had two unplanned free days. I ended up going to Kamakura, visiting the Daibutsu, the Hasedera Temple, making my own okonomiyake, and then going to an onsen by the sea. On the second day, I visited the Miraikan by accident (there was a long queue at the Borderless show). They had asimo and other interesting exhibitions and there were not as many tourists around. Later that day, I had yakitori under the train tracks and watched the last 30 minutes of a kabuki show.
The Shiba Park Hotel was a good choice for a base. It was a short walk to the subways and a station that was not as busy as Tokyo station. The staff were friendly and accommodating. They offer cultural classes. I did the calligraphy class for 500 yen.  I would recommend them to future Japan visitors.  The Dynamic Tokyo Day Tour provided a good introduction to the city. Kyoko did a good job managing a packed tour bus (around 50) to the different sights and activities, and then still finishing on time at the end of the day. I would recommend this tour to future guests.
I would definitely like to visit Japan again,probably after the Olympics. For my next trip, I am thinking of visiting Osaka and Hiroshima. I would consider JTB again for the prompt and efficient service, and flexibility of itinerary.
Thanks again,

October 2019