Enormous impression for Japan and JTB

Hi Tony Trust all OK – and I’m not chasing you for membership or a conference registration (although that would be nice) I’m actually writing with a JTB staff comment – my eldest daughter Sacha was in your office earlier today collecting some rail passes (she and her partner are having a Japan holiday in mid-August) – and she actually rang me after she’d left the office wondering if I knew anyone at JTB so I could pass on a message. Why? Because she was so impressed with the politeness and overall service received she felt it should be commended. Your lady at reception was overflowing with polite Japanese hospitality and exceptional service – it made an enormous impression on my daughter for both Japan and of course JTB… so if you could please congratulate your receptionist on my daughter’s behalf; it would be very much appreciated. All the best Tony, talk soon Cheers ian

Jul. 2016

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