I had a great time thanks

Hi Rie,

I had a great time thanks. In the end I stayed in the Yokohama/Tokyo area as the day I planned to go to the foot of Mt Fuji it was wet with a lot of low cloud, however I got a perfect view of Mt Fuji as we took off from Haneda airport on my flight home.

All the tickets you got for me were in excellent positions and the instructions for getting to/from the grounds worked well. One interesting thing I found out was in much of the subway there were plenty of escalators going up but few or none including lifts going down which made it very difficult when I had my cases with me. I therefore changed plans for getting to Haneda airport on Sunday and took a short taxi trip to the Express bus way terminal next to the Shinjuku Railway station and took the bus to the airport. Very quick and comfortable and saved all the up and down stairways. 

The Japanese did a magnificent job hosting the RWC. It was also nice to make a visit where I could experience some of the culture and meet many of the “locals” unlike on my previous visits made for business purposes where that opportunity did not arise. I have no doubt I will at some stage make a return trip and will contact you at that time.




Nov. 2019

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