It really helped to maximise my time

 *The comment below is from a customer who booked tour through agent


Overall it was amazing, and I’m so glad I sought the advice of professionals. It really helped to maximise my time. Please pass on my thanks to Clement.


Kamicochi was an amazing place to visit, very unique. Beautiful Japanese style rooms and onsen. It even snowed.

Matsumoto was a tiny room (I couldn’t fully open my suitcase!!) but perfect in terms of location.

The Kurube Alepen Route as a big day, but I left the hotel by 8am. This made it much more relaxed. I even spent a good two hours walking on snow-covered tracks at the highest point “Murodo” which was truly amazing. I didn’t get to my accommodation till about 8pm, but it was worth it. The only thing was that the baggage porter service shut a week earlier, so I had to lug my suitcase up and down some VERY steep steps (there was no lift options). I managed ok, but wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that might struggle a bit physically.

The Takeyama hotel was very modern and nice. The bus service was reliable, and they even have cheap e-bike hire. Not that it bothered me, but this was easily the most touristy spot on the trip.

The Hakone Hotel was very beautiful, but a bit out of the way, and I felted a bit rushed with the travel times either side.

The Shibuya Hotel was also perfect. The room was soundproofed, so no problem getting a good nights sleep. It was in a perfect location for anyone wanting to be in the heart of Tokyo.

The bar-hopping tour was a lot of fun. All the patrons were genuinely interested in food and culture insights. The guide Kyu, was really good.

Nov. 2019

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