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The organisation by JTB was first class!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

We are back from Japan and grateful that we bailed out of staying in Hong Kong!


Everything went exceptionally well. We had great weather, 18 to 21 degrees every day; only one day with a couple of showers but we were checking out the department stores that morning.


All the hotels were excellent and situated very well for getting around. The hotel in Kyoto ran a shuttle bus service every 15 minutes to and from the station. (I think many hotels operated a shuttle service.)

Since we were there 7 nights we became very proficient at using various modes of public transport. We had bought Pasmo cards in Tokyo which allowed us to use trains, subway and buses with ease. So easy with

written signs on the vehicle and spoken announcements in Japanese and in English. (Pasmo does the same thing as a Sueca card – like Myki only much better!) We also used the trains in Tokyo and found it easy to

get around.


The organisation by JTB (Sunrise Tours) was first class. We were met at the airport as promised and directed to a car which took us to the hotel. At every point of changing towns were taken to the station and

accompanied to the right platform. On the first day we were given a page detailing what time we would be picked up from our hotel on every day on which we were doing a tour. On about two days we had our guide

all to ourselves; another day we had one other couple join us. In Takayama we were fortunate to stay in a traditional Ryokan and have dinner included which was served in our room. (I think the original hotel had been

changed.) The list of pickup times we were given on day 1 even outlined approximately what time we would be picked up on day 13 (after we had 5 days to ourselves to explore); the exact pickup time was notified to

the hotel before 6pm the night before.


Thank you for all the work you put in and the hotels you selected. Back to the real world now. (I think we had much better weather than you did here in Melbourne!)


Kind regards,


Sue and Rick

Everything you arranged went very well

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Hi Anait


Sorry for my delay in getting back to you since our return but we have been very busy.

Everything you arranged went very well.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Ryokan in Kyoto and were lucky enough to check-in (with some sweet talking) before 1pm.

The Kyoto Night Tour was very good but the other 4 tours were too much of the same (temples, shrines and castles) and with too much walking for some.

Keio Plaza was very good (rooms, breakfast, location, tour departure point).

Transfers were all on time (in fact, they were all early) and in good vehicles.

Call me any time to discuss any item.





We had a fantastic time

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Hi Steven,

We had a fantastic time, everything went smoothly and I was very thankful for JTB sending someone to meet me at the airport to arrange all the train tickets and JR pass etc. The students said Kyoto and Takayama were their favourite places and experiences. The school visit, however short, was enjoyed by the students. Everything was well organised, no complications with any accomodation – very thankful JTB was there to back me up. Thanks for your help, and Renee’s as well.


Wonderful Cooking Sun Japanese cooking class

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Hi Koyomi,

We returned from our Japan holiday on Monday.  Everything went to plan with our rail passes and USJ tickets.  I really want to give you feedback on the Cooking Sun Japanese cooking class.  It was so wonderful and I can highly recommend it.  We caught a taxi from Kyoto Station as this seemed easiest, but found our way back very easily after the class.  Fuki, the lady who taught us, spoke excellent English and was just so nice.  There was only Jemma and I in the class and it was very hands on.  We learnt a lot and were very proud of the obento box we produced.  I will send you a couple of photos on a separate email.  Great value for money. 

Regards, Karyn

Wonderful Cooking Sun Japanese cooking class

Bento Boxes - Japanese Cooking Class

Cooking Class was Great

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Dear Teruhiro,

I did have a very good experience in my Cooking Sun class and wish I had more time in Kyoto to do the afternoon class. I will recommend your services and Cooking Sun to my friends and on trip advisor.

I am happy for you to use photos taken of me in the class for promotion. Thank you for asking.


Love Japan!

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Good morning, Teruhiro.

Our hotel in Kyoto that you booked for us was wonderful and our stay very special.

Thank you for your assistance.

I do love going to Japan.

Regards, Stephanie

Skiing at Hakuba

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Hi Peta

Just emailing to let you know that Daniel and I had a fantastic time in Japan, the skiing at Hakuba was awesome, the accommodation was great, the owners of the lodge made us feel very welcome and it was lovely to share stories/information in the common lounge/dining room with everyone else, lots of fun. All of the hotels you booked were great to stay in and the Japanese breakfasts were delicious too.

The rest of the holiday in Tokyo and Kyoto was brilliant too, with many wonderful temples, shrines and castles to see and of course great food including delicious pastries which was an unexpected surprise.

Your instructions on the Itinerary were absolutely fantastic and very helpful, which made our trip much easier when we had to work out how to get to places we were staying at.

Thanks once again for your great service and we are very happy to recommend you and the Platinum travel service to everyone we know.

Cheers, Armando

Just wanted to let you know

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Hello Eri,

I’m not sure if you remember me but you helped organize my recent visit to Japan and I met up with you at your workplace one morning to collect documents etc just before I left. 
I returned from Japan last Friday and I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time and to thank you for all your help.

All went very smoothly , the hotels were all easy to locate and very close to a railway station. I particularly liked Matsumoto (great castle!) and Kanazawa, which is like a smaller and less crowded version of Kyoto. The weather was lovely and sunny and a lot warmer than I had expected.
Tokyo was buzzing of course. The Studio Ghibli museum was a lot of fun, I’m glad I made the effort to go there.
Tsumago was interesting and “off the beaten tourist track” and the surrounding countryside was absolutely stunning.
Anyway, thanks again for your help. If you need a reference at all let me know.


Everything was Perfect

Monday, May 20th, 2013
Hi Eri,
I just wanted to tell you that my daughter and I had a fantastic time in Japan.
It was one of the best holidays I have ever had and I can’t thank you enough for organizing everything for me.
Everything was perfect and with your instructions we had no trouble finding our way around Tokyo and Kyoto.
It was an amazing experience.
Thank you so much for everything.


A Wonderful Holiday

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Morning Emerald,

I would like to thank you for your time and effort in putting together our travel Itinerary to Japan during a demanding high season on a short notice, as well as putting up with my particular preferences. You have pretty much saved the trip.

Peter and I had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed touring the cities using the impressive train service without any problems.

The impressive hotels were very much the Tokyo ones particularly the Park Hyatt and Kyoto’s Brighton hotel was amongst the very good ones.

Your detailed instructions and pamphlets were very helpful.

Kindest Regards,

Loved the Snow Monkeys

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
Hi Clem,
Ashley is back, really enjoyed the trip
He has worked out the trains now..thinks he should go back now..
Just didn’t like Tokyo much, but loved up at the Snow monkey’s & Hiroshima & Kyoto
People very kind & friendly
Thank you so much for your help with him
Kind Regards

Thanks for the Brilliant Job

Thursday, March 28th, 2013
Good morning Olivia,
We all wanted to pass on our thanks for the brilliant job you did in planning our holiday in Japan. Everything went really well. But  we would have liked to have had more time there!! We all want to go back to different spots to look in more depth.
We decided to use our Rail passes for everything,as we enjoyed the trains so much.Especially the wide view Hida trains which we decided we preferred over the bullet train. Much more space,and great for the views,which of course were stunning through the Alps.
Loved both the ryokan style hotels of course. But we were also very impressed with our budget hotels. In particular, the Shinjuku Washington Hotel scored top points for location-local shops, eateries; proximity to tourist info at Tokyo local government building; the station close by; drop off from the airport bus at the hotel door-great after a long flight; convenience store and cafes in the building; its own laundromat; quietness; and wonderfully helpful staff who even came up and opened the window with a special tool for me as I found the heating stifling [same in all hotels but had opening windows, thank goodness] everywhere indoors.
Also you arranging 2 rooms for most of the trip was a great idea giving us that extra space.
Only disappointment was APA Hotel Kyoto Ekimae. A bit shabby, window  over a stairwell, poor room layout as compared with the others we stayed in, but worst was very disinterested and unhelpful staff- we almost missed our Nara tour because they failed to give us clear directions as to where we had to go and how to get to pickup point for the tour!!
We have already recommended you and JTB to many people. 
Again many thanks,
Susan, Adrian and Zoe.

..would be very happy to use JTB again

Thursday, February 14th, 2013
Thank you Olivia, our Japan trip was a great success, and I had intended to email you to let you know, but your welcome home arrived first.
Your bookings all worked seamlessly and both hotels were excellent choices without being too expensive. The transfers and connecting rail and bus tickets all worked perfectly. The couple running the Terry hotel were a delight and very helpful and accomodating.
Tokyo is a wonderful city, and has only wetted my appetite to return with my wife in the springtime to explore further, perhaps Kyoto, and more traditional and country areas, although that would have to be in 2014.
I would be very happy to use JTB again, and hope that I can contact you closer to the time to stitch together an itinerary.
Yours sincerely,

Very Impressed with JTB Service

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
Dear Yoshie,
We’re back home from our holiday in Singapore and Japan last week.
We were very impressed with the JTB service. A JTB representative is always there to meet us at every train arrival as well as to send us off at every train departure to ensure that we have boarded the right train safely, etc.  We took the Nozomi Bullet Train from Kyoto to Tokyo. Wow, so fast and accurate. The train system is also very good. We should use it here in Melbourne.
Japan is a very nice country, clean, and the people are very courteous.  The people are always willing to assist us even if they don’t speak very good English. 
Thank you very much for all your assistance and service in making our holiday in Japan a wonderful experience.
I attach three photos of our trip, one taken at Mt Fuji (5th Station), the second at Tokyo Tower and the third one Russell and I with Hachiko (the dog) at Shibuya. 
Please tell the JTB management in Japan that we were very impressed with their service and we wouldn’t hesitate recommending the service to others who are thinking of travelling to Japan.
With best wishes,

Takayama – a great opportunity to experience a ryokan

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
We felt blessed when we were greeted by the lovely guide at Osaka airport after a long queue for fingerprinting, face recognition etc. Of course we were weary, and it was a great luxury to be swept to the hotel in a very flash Toyota limo.

Hyatt very good. Room on first Japanese second floor, so a good view of the roof below, but it was very quiet and comfortable. By far the smallest of our three rooms, but great bed, bath and breakfast.

The bike tour was a huge success. Although we had a couple of rain showers we managed to visit all the temples/shrines/palace as well as stopping at a tiny ‘hole in the wall’ for noodles, which is what we had requested.

If you have any clients remotely interested in architecture or art I would certainly include the Miho Museum. It is absolutely breathtaking. Almost worth the trip to Japan, and made so much easier with the car. Again, the blossoms not out, but magnificent.

Cherry blossoms started to really bloom while in Kyoto, and being the weekend the Japanese tourists were out in force, quite a few in national dress.

Takayama – a great opportunity to experience a ryokan. That place also had a great onsen on the ground floor, and contrary to our expectations we were provided with three not one excellent dinners. The first in a private room of their main dining area, the second at Hotel Alice? where we were served slivers of the heavy duty cholestrol steak. Third night another private room in their sushi bar part of the hotel. I would certainly recommend that place. The town also features some very pleasant walks, and of course the famous floats.